This program was such an amazing experience that I am proud to be a part of. It raised my waste awareness and allowed me to gain experience in creating a graphic novel.
— Angy (12th grade), 2018 Council Member
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Los Angeles
10 members

Stay tuned for Summer 2020 application to open

New York City
10 members

Stay tuned for Summer 2020 application to open

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Students in LA and NY interested in joining us next summer can get a better feel for what the program entails just by checking out the flyers below from our summer 2019 program!

Los Angeles Flyer

New York Flyer

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Teen Production Council 

Do you love graphic novels?
Are you concerned for our Earth?
Curious about how you can better impact your communities and the planet?
Join our Teen Production Council!

In this 7 week high school internship, we dive into the art of graphic novels, storytelling, the environment, exciting modes of learning, and self discovery. Participants will gain lifelong understandings of their impact and professional skills to lead the way.

We believe that in order to create materials that are engaging and relatable for youth, then we must team up with them in order to create these materials. This program is for youth grades 9-12 who are interested in being a part of the writing and editing of our graphic novels as well as testing out our curriculum and outreach programs. Participants will learn about the impact we as humans have and investigate solutions that will better serve their communities and the earth. As a representative for their peers, they will also help us understand how to make our materials appealing for our target audience.

We customize responsibilities according to the interests and strengths that our members possess, so every participant will work within ONE or more of the following areas:

  • Review line art of our graphic novel

  • Test out lesson plans accompanying our graphic novel

  • Develop Rising Earth’s next storyline

  • Create your own short story exploring a better future

  • Participate in awareness activities to better understand human impact

  • Go on a guided nature exploration

Because this is a mostly online program, with the exception of one in person meet up, as long as you have email and are in one of our participating cities, you can join!


  • Ability to work remotely with access to a computer and internet for 7 weeks of the program.

  • Must be a high school student in the Los Angeles or New York area.

  • Interns will work approximately 3 hours per week in return for volunteer hours.

Deadline to apply is Wednesday, June 5th for Los Angeles and Friday, July 12th for New York applicants.

I loved how involved the program was — it made me even more aware of how I treat the Earth and conserve resources!
— Athena (9th grade), 2018 Council Member

Here are just a few examples of how last year’s Teen Production Council made Luna, our first graphic novel, more relevant and exciting for teens:

  • Pointed out where pages were too congested or boring and suggested ways to improve.

  • Rewrote dialogue the way a young person might phrase something.

  • Provided insight into scenes where characters deal with mental, emotional, and social challenges.

As a result of participating in the program, council members say they’ve become more confident and empowered! They’ve shifted their thinking and daily actions to become more conscious, compassionate members of our planet.