College Internships
+ Mentorships

Interning for Rising Earth transformed what I look for in an internship and set the stage for what I hope to find in a career. As a Geography and Environmental Studies major, Rising Earth showed me that it is possible to work on environmentalism through creative thinking. As a part of a small team of entrepreneurs, I had a front-row seat watching how an innovative idea becomes reality. Rising Earth taught me the value of thinking originally at work to make change in the world.
— Gabriella, 2018 college intern

We offer part-time internships/mentorships in our production, curriculum, marketing, and development divisions. Open to college students in Los Angeles and New York, this is for those interested in exploring their own human impact and who want to help bring awareness and action towards the regeneration of our earth. From supervising content creation with youth to spearheading programming and marketing initiatives to participating in mentorship meetings with our Board Members, our college interns experience exceptional career development while building worthwhile skills and professional relationships. Applicants who are selected to participate in this rewarding yet rigorous experience receive either a stipend, academic credit, or commission depending on school requirements and the internship position.

At the conclusion of the program, interns can apply to continue in their position. Alumni interns can also participate in the Rising Earth Youth Advisory Board. 

Please inquire to see which positions are available!