How do we solve our planet’s most pressing issues?
By putting them in the forefront of our children’s education.
— Lauren, co-founder

Teaching Curriculum

Coming soon! Online lesson plans, resources, and awareness
programs for our Ancient Forests Unit!

We believe it is important for young people to see themselves reflected in solution oriented actions. Likewise, youth should be a strong voice in the movement to both heal the planet and change the patterns that created our current predicaments, all in order to cultivate a new ecological paradigm. 

Our curriculums support this through personalizing their learning to the student’s own homes, communities and surrounding ecosystems. 


Our approach to learning about human impact supports the Next Generation Science Standards and the Common Core Standards.

Through the story of Luna, our first graphic novel, students learn from a historical perspective how an ancient forest and its human inhabitants are affected by the want for resources.

With our provided materials, educators can guide students in drawing parallels to current deforestation and how we are contributing to present day situations. By the culmination of this unit, students will explore and participate in solutions that reflect their newly acquired knowledge and creative, critical thinking skills.

Our curriculum will also incorporate awareness practices such as movement exploration and meditation that will be linked to our education materials and will deepen students' learning and understanding. These practices help the participants on their journey of self care and provide space to look inward at their own patterns of human impact, along with tools for deepening their connection to nature.

All our curriculum will be written by experienced educators and include teacher resource packets and lesson plans for educators of environmental science, history, art, English, and community organizations focused on civic engagement and service learning.

We also think educators will love our awareness programs and practices. Accessible to everyone, they’ll soon be made available on our site and can easily be incorporated into classrooms.

Our waste consciousness programs and awareness surveys are designed so that educators can co-create with their students. These co-created materials examine how our impact might be affecting the planet on a daily basis and solutions toward a lighter footprint.  We believe that creating these materials with students and having youth be part of the creative process instills a sense of ownership and self inquiry that leads participants in our programs to understand our planet’s issues on a deeper level.

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Our units will incorporate tools, like NASA’s Earth Observatory, which put students at the center of their own inquiry and learning.