Our Core Values


Think of these 8 values as the foundation for our nonprofit. They represent the deepest beliefs and aspirations of our organization and empower us to stay true to ourselves. We are guided by these values as we work to achieve our mission.

1. Regeneration and Hope: It’s easy to slip into a state of doom-and-gloom when talking about the current state of our planet. We try to highlight nature’s capacity to regenerate and heal, using concrete examples of this as inspiration and motivation.

2. Positive Action: At times, shame around our collective human impact can turn into anger and anger can grow out of passion for a cause. While we recognize that anger is a natural emotion, we work to cultivate our power so we can act from a place of kindness and positivity.

3. Empathy and Compassion: There are many perspectives and differing sides surrounding our planet’s predicaments. We understand that real change comes from communicating with empathy and compassion and taking the time to step into the shoes of others in order to understand their viewpoints.

4. Youth as Leaders: Youth activists are dominating airwaves, headlines, and social media conversations within the environmental movement. This comes as no surprise as it's hard to think of any substantial social movements in history that didn't have fearless young people at their center. We believe in our youth and that’s why we see them as co-creators, why we develop all our materials in collaboration with them, and why we’re amplifying stories of youth-led initiatives.

5. Educating through Fun: Graphic novels engage multiple learning types, but they’re a medium kids love. We know there’s a lot competing for a young person’s attention beyond their textbooks. We want fun, exploration, and connection to be at the heart of how we educate. 

6. Awareness Experiences as a First Step to Action: You can’t change what you don’t know. But by cultivating self-awareness, we can be more aware of our human impact and begin to adjust our habits, behaviors, and actions in lasting ways. We work to incorporate conscious impact exercises and meditations that invite pause, reflection, and deeper knowing of oneself, as well as that of others.

7. A Holistic and Interdisciplinary Approach: We believe in the interconnectedness of our ecosystem, our actions, and of our learning. We pay attention to our daily habits but are also big picture thinkers. We see the connections between different disciplines and their relationship to the real world.  

8. The Power of Voice: Having a voice means the ability to engage in meaningful conversation, and to make a difference or impact upon key decisions. As we work to empower young people, we help to foster their own unique voice in this world, within the environmental movement, and on behalf of those without a voice.