Luna: The Graphic Novel

As a part of our Ancient Forests Unit,
we're currently working on Luna, our first graphic novel.

This historical and biographical graphic novel tells the story of Luna, a thousand year old redwood tree, and Julia Butterfly Hill, the young, courageous woman who saved her from being cut down. 

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We begin the graphic story 1000 years ago through the perspective and voice of Luna, the redwood tree herself, who brings the reader through her story:

  • the ancient forest ecosystem

  • her ancestral past

  • indigenous people and key aspects of indigenous world views

  • the Gold Rush that changed the landscape forever

  • the beginning of the movement to save what was left of the ancient forest.

Luna's narrative eventually leads us to Julia’s action-packed journey through her 738 day tree sit, which raised international awareness for sustainable forest management techniques and the importance of establishing safeguards to protect old-growth trees and ancient forests.

Character study of Luna.

Character study of Luna.

Character studies of Julia Butterfly Hill.

Character studies of Julia Butterfly Hill.

This inspiring tale made me personally attach myself to wildlife both inside and out of the book. Breathtaking illustrations and powerful story made Luna impossible to put down.
— Stella, 11th Grade Test Reader
Graphic novels engage multiple learning types, but also it’s a medium so many kids LOVE.
And at Rising Earth, we want fun, exploration, and connection at the heart of how we educate.
— Maggie, Co-founder
Julia shows us that any ‘normal’ person can have an enormous effect on people. Regardless of who you are you are able to change people’s viewpoints and make a difference in this world.
— Ashley, 10th Grade Test Reader
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Sample pages from Luna:

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Curious about our creative process?


Stay tuned for the complete graphic novel!

Storyboards by our artist Nguyen Tran.
Final art illustrations by our artist Julia Yellow.