I reached a conclusion that this waste awareness project was not a three-day challenge, but a daily task that I want to maintain and inform others about.
— Ula, age 16 (YAB member since 2018)

Outreach Programs

Come be a part of a positive human impact!
Free programming for teens.

Youth Advisory Board Program

We believe that in order to create materials that are engaging and relateable for youth, then we must team up with them in order to create these materials. This program is for youth ages 12-18 who are interested in being a part of the writing and editing of our graphic novels as well as testing out our curriculum and outreach programs. As a YAB participant, you will learn about the problems we as humans are causing and investigate solutions that will better serve the earth. Also, as a representative for your peers, you will help us understand how to make our materials appealing for our target audience.

Here are just a few examples of how the YAB has made Luna, the graphic novel more relevant and exciting for teens. The YAB have:

  • Pointed out where pages are too congested or boring and suggested ways to improve.

  • Rewritten dialogue the way a young person might phrase something.

  • Provided insight into scenes where characters deal with mental, emotional, and social challenges.

As a result of participating in the program, YAB members say they’ve changed for the better! They’ve changed their thinking and daily actions as more conscious, compassionate members of our planet, as well as felt more confident and empowered.

As long as you have email, you can join the YAB regardless of where you live. Summer programming runs June-August. (After the program, members can choose to stay on to advise throughout the school year.) Sign up by May 15, 2019.

Contact us if you’d like more information or an application! 

Afterschool Clubs & Programs

We have awesome materials you can incorporate into your existing afterschool programs. Or start a Rising Earth club at your school! These materials are geared towards art and environmental afterschool programing or those that involve civic and community engagement. For example, learn how to create your own comics about human impact topics and tips. Do the research and bring your learnings to life through your own visual storytelling!

Contact us to receive our Afterschool Club & Programs package where you’ll learn how to create comics from the classic 4 panels to a 1-4 page comic. We’ll include a list of topic ideas to get your club started. You’ll be making your own Rising Earth comics in no time!

Each month, your club can distribute your comics through your school paper and in your own communities. You can also send them to us for the chance to be featured on our social media pages.

More Coming Soon! 

Awareness programs to be implemented in schools and afterschool outreach are also underway. These will be focused on a journey of self-observation, examining our daily lifestyle, behavior, and mindset. We believe that these programs will help people go deeper than recycling! And that they will spark curiosity and conversation about how we can each make adjustments in our thinking, feelings, and actions in order to be more conscious, compassionate members of our ecosystem in our daily lives.

We also look forward to making this page a place where youth, educators, and families can connect with local organizations and find the resources needed to support a more positive human impact.